Sponsors & Supporters

As more sponsors join us for Just Dogs Live 2019 we will keep this area updated with their details – so you can find out all about them. You can be sponsor of Just Dogs Live too! Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your business and get in touch with our team today for more information please click here Just Dogs Live sponsorship opportunities. Call us on 01733 363 500 or email dogshow@eastofenglandarena.com.

Just Dogs Live has also received some fantastic, and hugely appreciated, support from lots of different people, organisations and charities. We wanted to say a huge thank you to all of them – without them, our paw-sitively great day out wouldn’t be happening! You can find out more about our supporters below, and be sure to visit their websites too!

2019 Supporters 


Green Pantry  


Our tailor-made, premium products are 100% natural and are packed with locally-sourced, chemical-free ingredients from quality British farms.

NatureVito Limited,  the home of Green Dog Food and Green Pantry Cat Food was founded in early 2008, our main objective was to produce the worlds first 100% Natural complete dog food, no added synthetic vitamins and minerals and the added benefit of also having a unique herbal formulation Pura-Pel, that could potentially help dogs with a natural control of intestinal and external hygiene.

Symply Pets Foods



Symply recipes contain only the finest natural ingredients for the balanced and complete diet he needs to stay in top condition. All Symply products are free of artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Formulated with wholesome ingredients and natural antioxidants rich in vitamins to enhance the immune system.GREAT NUTRITION FOR A LOWER COST – GREAT FOR YOUR POCKET

Each mouthful of Symply contains more goodness than other inferior brands, so you need to feed less therefore pay less. Using better quality, more digestible ingredients, Symply daily feeding amounts are lower than inferior, less digestible brands. Your daily feeding costs will be lower than inferior ingredient “cheaper” brands as they require increased daily feeding amounts to maintain your dog’s health.