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At Well Dog we work closely with local vets to ensure that each hydrotherapy session is individually tailored to suit your dog’s particular requirements. Whether this is for fun, an exercise program to lose weight, to improve vascular fitness or to assist in the treatment or recuperation from injuries or after surgery.

How Will Hydrotherapy Help & Benefit Your Dog?

Water is used as a means of supporting dogs in a non weight bearing environment to allow movement that would not normally be possible or be difficult due to weakness or injury. Hydrotherapy can also improve cardiovascular fitness and help with weight loss.

Swimming in controlled optimum temperature water with stress free support, also relaxes the blood vessels, maximises the blood supply and increases the circulation, which in turn assists healing by carrying more nutrients. The metabolic rate is also greatly increased which then accelerates the healing of damaged tissue.

  • Relieving Pain, Inflammation & Stiffness
  • Maintaining & Increasing Muscle Tone, Strength & Muscle Mass
  • Better Joint Mobility, Promoting Better Movement
  • Improved Cardio-Vascular Fitness 
  • Improved Quality Of Life

Well Dog Hydrotherapy is based in Bretton, Peterborough and is proudly owned and managed by Stacey Gaskin.

We provide a safe, knowledgeable, high quality service to both our clients and their dogs, in a professional yet friendly and comfortable environment. We understand the desire for the health and fitness of your dog and especially when age, injury or weight problems are an important factor. We will develop a great relationship with your dog and in gaining its trust will work together with both the dog and the owner to provide the most appropriate treatment to obtain the ‘best’  results possible.