Flyball fun at Just Dogs Live 2019

Flyball competition proves to be a great success at Just Dogs Live 2019, great people, great competitor and a great spectacle.We were delighted to host an amazing flyball competition at Just Dogs Live, they certainly were the loudest crew on site all weekend with plenty of competitions, cheering owners and dogs having a great time. Organised by David Flood of Fenland Firestorm.

Thanks to all the teams who came, competed and made the Flyball a huge success. The have-a-go Flyball may have tempted a few more into this amazing sport. Here are a few well-deserved comments from other competitors and participants:

  • “Thank you to David Flood and all of Fenland for an amazing comp”
  • “Thank you to all of Fenland for a fantastic well run show with a great atmosphere, special thanks for my dog measuring gift!”
  • “Thank you to David and the Fenland team for a great JDL competition and for ensuring this has stayed on the calendar”
  • “Finally, the biggest thank you of course to David, Mandy and the whole of the Fenland Team for putting on a brilliant show, even with a packed hosting schedule and not racing themselves over the weekend.”
  • “Thank you to David Flood and all of Fenland team for a fantastic weekend at JDL. great racing and camping areas with our own water supply that the dogs had their own paddling pool in the massive garden.”

And, here is the video of Focus running a 15.36 on Saturday and they won Div 1 so they can claim to be the Just Dogs Live Champions 2019.



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