Sammy becomes the face of Just Dogs Live 2020

Sammy, the one-year-old mix breed rescue dog, has been chosen by photographer Martin Hill as the face of Just Dogs Live 2020. Rescued in May 2019 by owners Hayley Sage and Carl Norman of Lincoln, Sammy is a Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd, Spaniel cross and was rescued from Romania

Sammy caught Carl and Hayley’s eye on a charity adoption page because of his story. He was abandoned with an elastic band around his neck and almost died, the band cut off circulation and his airway, and almost completely severed his left ear. His ear was stitched back together but it looked a little wonky and was, therefore, overlooked by those wanting a perfect puppy. However, this didn’t stop Carl entering a great picture of Sammy into the Just Dogs Live Photoshoot Competition 2019, judged by Martin Hill and the prize was a free, professional, photo session with Martin.

Hayley picks up the story, “We simply couldn’t resist his gorgeous face! We love him to pieces and couldn’t wish for more. He has added chaos and craziness beyond comprehension, and his absolute trusting, loving, nature is truly heartwarming. Due to personal circumstances, the last 6 months have been difficult and Sammy is the reason it’s been bearable.”

Sammy is enjoying life as the only dog in the family and he loves walking around his local park where he gets to go on his long line, he doesn’t like recall training as much as he likes chasing ducks or his tennis ball! He also has a liking for squeaky toys which are his favourite.

“Sammy doesn’t really eat treats unless we hide them in a puzzle but he loves fresh chicken at every mealtime. He is the perfect addition to our home, our sofa and our bed haha! And, he only wanted what any homeless dog might want, he is simply truly grateful for warmth and cuddles!” Added Hayley.

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