Tips and advice on puppy training

So – your cute, adorable and ever-so-sweet new family member has arrived.

What do you tackle first when it comes to training your gorgeous new pup?

The Kennel Club has plenty of advice on all aspects of puppy training, socialising and integrating your pooch with other family members, pets and those in the big wide world?

We’ve selected a few of our favourite tips.


Biting & Nipping:

Don’t worry this is normal, particularly as your puppy has been exposed to only other puppies in the litter who naturally play with mouthing and biting. But as they grow and their bodies become stronger, what was once cute nibbling eventually turns into uncomfortable or even dangerous rough playing bites.

So, how do you nip the nibbling in the bud? First of all take a treat, hold it in your hand and wrap your fingers around it and no matter how much your dog tries to get at it, bite your hand or paw at your hand you mustn’t let him have it. What you have to wait for is the minute that his nose comes away from your hand. That’s what you’re rewarding him for. He needs to know that he’s never ever going to get a treat by biting your hand.

Collar and Lead Training Your Puppy: Tips & Techniques:

Ok, so lead training your puppy is going to take time and patience for you both. Remember not to scold your pup or correct them for something they don’t yet understand.

The secret to getting a collar is to buy one that fits your puppy now, so just choose a small lightweight one that he will hardly feel. Don’t get one he’s going to grow into eventually, because that’s just going to be too big, heavy and intimidating.

You can buy one with clips on it to start with, just because it’s going to be a lot easier to introduce it to him. You can just put it on and clip it together, rather than fiddling with buckles that can be scary when he’s wearing a collar for the first time.

Introducing the lead: training tips:

Once your puppy is happy wearing the collar you can introduce the lead and just start off in the house, don’t try to go straight away out and about. You should think about the lead as a safety device so that he doesn’t run off anywhere. Not something that you pull him around by. You want a dog that doesn’t pull on the lead, so you don’t start by pulling first.

One thing to remember is never to pull on the lead. Keep your hand down (the one holding the treat or toy) so your puppy doesn’t get the habit of jumping up at you. That helps your puppy learn that he can move around with a collar and lead on and that the lead is never something that he’s going to pull on.

If you feel that your puppy is getting stressed when walking with a lead outside try putting treats along the route you’ll be taking to turn this into a rewarding game: good times are ahead.

For more tips and advice visit The Kennel Club – and don’t forget the Crufts 2018 takes place on 8-12 March.

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